-[ A Tribute To Joseph… May The Lord Bless You…..

-[ A Tribute To Joseph… May The Lord Bless You… R.I.P… If there was a next time or if you ever had a second chance to live, i would have said, “You shouldn’t have given your gf 101% committment… Give it instead to your studies… There’s still a long way to go and relationships don’t last forever… Unless you can make history…” No insults… I’m just stating a fact… But i respect you… TakeCare…]-

HeYz Blogga…

Just had TKD today! Gonna get my yellow-green belt by the end of this month! WhaO… How time passes eh? But the thing is, i’m still very unsure of my pattern and my reverse turning kick… I can’t even do a proper backthrust… Only a combined turning kick and backthrust… But anyway, i’ve just learnt it. So… All i need is more practice! Yeah mann… Weee…

Got 44/50 for maths test! Yeys! So glad i passed… I though i wouldn’t make it at all… And i’m so glad i passed chinese!!! 52/100! Although i failed the testpaper and the letter writing.. =X=X… Thank God i didn’t fail the chinese spelling… Whewx… Darn. I scored the shittiest marks for Literature… 16/25… I’ve never gotten such marks in my whole Lit life!!! cOz i didn’t write the quotation… Wahaha… Pathetic… And now i’m worrying my whole life on the English and Science paper. I’m praying hard that i won’t fail the English and Science paper… I think the most would be a borderlinepass… Although YueFeng and the rest keeps on saying that i’d score for English… I won’t.. I know i won’t… My whole self immediately turned cold and my eyes started welling up when i realized that all the questions that i was confirming with Miss Tan were all wrong.. wrong… WRong… =(… I don’t wanna dissapoint my parents…

WhooPe! YueFeng lent me her sling bag for colouring art for her! Thanks so much YueFeng! You’re suppppppppeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr kind! *HuGx* I feel very bad for colouring it like crap… It doesn’t seem nice… The white polar bear looks too colourful… Dont’ worry, if MdmTeo asks why, just say it’s abstract art! =X… Sorry wor… You could even see me sneezing my nose off until i even had to get a whole tissue box from Miss Chua… Well i’ve finished the entire box on my way home.. =X=X… Everyone in the bus was like so scared of me… Wahaha… Bird Flu… =X

WhOa. It’s gonna be 11pm soon. Gotta go now. Hafta wake up early in the morning for the morning service tml and straight after that, i gotta meet up with JunHui to go to the BodyWorld exhibition! Nitex!


BlackButterfly a.k.a Sammie a.k.a Cattail a.k.a maverick_strawberrie (whA. so long. =X=X)


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