-[I live to love, i don’t love to live]- HeyYya…

-[I live to love, i don’t love to live]-

HeyYya Blogg~*

I suppose my English lang’s getting from bad to worse. What happening to me? English common test today. I think i’m gonna fail the paper. The close passage was extremely difficult, forcing me to crack my brains and giving me not even a second to blink. Same goes for the comprehension. What am i going to do now… English, Literature and Art are the only 3 things i have that i can uphold and honor my family with. Certainly, i wouldn’t wanna be some pathetic loser. Can’t blame Miss Tan for setting such a tough English paper (hey, i’m trying to be very very postive here. if not i’d be scolding her the b word. she totally dissed me.) and a very boring one indeed. It’s always technology they’re talking about. Can’t she be more original instead? From what i can observe, she seems to be putting on airs for setting such a crappy paper!

Faz: Cher, did you get this paper from MGS?

Miss Tan: No. I set this paper myself. (smiles.) [can’t she stop smiling?! the whole world knows it’s so fake! like she underwent some plastic surgery for a 24/7 smilely mouth! and i thought michael jackson was already bad enough]

I just cannot accept the fact that my english is so poor. I cannot afford to study chinese. There’s so many chinese words jumbled and mingled altogether with my english words. I nearly wanted to type out the rephrased sentence, “i just canot accept that my english is like sai. i cannot tahan anymore liaox. chinese is so bo liao. now my english and chinese like mix up liao.”

Tommorrow’s math test. Gotta memorize all the formulas and formulae. I’m wondering how come Rizar and Yue Feng don’t seem to accept the true fact that all you need to do is memorize the all the mathematical formulas and you’ll score for maths. Besides that, you’ll also have to practice in order not to have any careless mistakes. I don’t practice maths therefore i’m a very super careless person! =]! Not beating about the bush or anything but, if i hadn’t gotten any careless mistakes, i would have had full marks.

What’s eccentric or essentic? Ambience or Ambiance?




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