-[All the sanity in me]- Harloe bloggie… W…

-[All the sanity in me]-

Harloe bloggie…

Whoosh! Finally i get to use the comp! Have been having difficulties with this hanger…! On off on off… I think the comp’s gonna die… =|.. That’d be the freakiest thing in the world! I cannot live without the computer… muAHahA… My addiction… =X…

Yeys! Got 4th amongest the lower sec girls for the road race! So worried that i wouldn’t get anything this yr due to my drop of stamina… I guess it was that special red, white blue motivation… =X At least i managed to run with Shahmira, Ainul, Huda and Shereen! Whew… The thing that really surprizes me is that they still continue to jog effortlessly even though they’re already at the 3rdquarter of the race! While i’m huffing and puffing away and pushing myself, feeling my blood boil, extreme body heart and tons of sweat trickling down… Gosh… And i had to push myself to sprint at the last part… Muz thank Hazirah for pushing me! (if ya ever happen to come by, well i would like to give a big thanks ta ya! I wouldn’t have gotten 4th if not for ya sweetie!) Oww….. Muscle cramp muscle cramp!!! HOW AM I GOING TO WALK UP 4 STOREYS TML?!

Even though i was moaning in pain today, JunHui and i went to the park to relieve stress and to also sit down and share our problems we face in our lives. It was more like a torture for me coz i had to sit down and stand up (at rock 13th and at the drain). Owowowow… I craved her initials and mine on a tree in between rock 13 and the drain. Then we walked along the coasts, collecting big lots of seaweeds. I thought of collecting as much as i could and then burry em’ all in a big hole that i dug. In the end i formed 3 words with it. (JunHui shld know! =]) Gosh! JunHui actually wrote some really big big words, that she was never supposed to say, in the sand!!! And there were like so many people canoeing nearby…

Sat on the roof

And i kicked off the moss

Well some of the verses well

They got me quite cross

But the sun’s been kind

While i wrote this song

It’s for people like you that

Keep it turned on

So excuse me for forgetting

But these things i do

You see i’ve forgotten

If they’re green or blue

Anyway the thing is well i really mean

Yours are the sweetest eyes i’ve ever seen

Common Test’s starting tml! Ohkae, amen … I’m so so worried i ain’t gonna do well. No, i know i can do it. For w3 and R.W.B and WanTing jie and Riz//FenGx. Yeah




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