Harloe bloggie, Another one of those sneezy da…

Harloe bloggie,

Another one of those sneezy days fer me… Again… Unsuprizingly, i guess i’m the super infector of the school again… *Ah cHoO!* *SniFfs* Argh… Sick mann… And my body’s acheing (however that’s spelt) all over thanks to the horse stance, the forward stance and the 20 push ups… Argh!!! AND MY RUNNING DROPPED. WORSE THAN ANYTHING ELSE AND WORSE THAN THE LAST RUN I HAD! IT’S DROPPING AND DROPPING!!! WHY?!?!?! FROM 13.13 – > 14.45 -> 15.25 -> …C-R-A-P. CRAP!!! ='(… =X… Ohkae fine, i’m exaggerating… But i juz feel that my stamina’s gone. What has happened to my stamina… What has happened!!! I expected an improvement after so many weeks of training. In the end i got worse. I’m not going to train anymore. I give up. I don’t wanna drop any further. NoNO, i cannot give up. I must honor my dad and get him something so that he’ll come back from India a happy daddy! I don’t want to come back seeing his daughter having gained nothing. I wanna be his succesor. I wanna mean something to someone. =]… I can do it on the road race day… I can get him something… [i hope… sighs…]

Investiture investiture investiture. How nice… Actually it ain’t that bad being the organizer. But being an unmotivated, uninspired one, is very bad. I’d come up with nothing. I’ve come up with nothing. I’ll come up with nothing. Ohkae, not really nothing. But nothing much boombastic or grand or something. Sighs. Maybe that’s the reason why i’m dropping in everything. dROP…droppdrop… I got the worst marks in history for history. Sick. This is saddening. I don’t wanna drop any more… Why can’t i be able to excel in something… anymore? ——–> like those knacks i have.

Maybe they’re dying off? I don’t wanna be a loser… L…L…L… Anyway back to investiture. Yeah i’m doing it with Rizar. Rizar’s coming up with most of the ideas and i’ not. Rizar’s so smart. Ruzar’s so good in everything. Rizar’s what Mrs Sheri looks up to. She even asks him to do stuffs for her… How i envy him…. =(.. He’s so fortunate!! Everyone always wants to be with him coz he’s fun and stuff (although he’s SUPER sarcastic ) and he’s always being surrounded by everyone. Lalala…. And yeah, investiture. ALL THE SEC 2 PREFECTS ARE EITHER TRANFERRINGN OF QUITTING. THE NUMBER’S DECREASING EVERY MONTH! AND THE DISCIPLINE SECTION IS SACKING PREFECTS LIKE HOT DOGS!!! I don’t understand how come the discipline in LYSPB’s so unreasonable! What’s happening?? I prefer last year’s head prefect. Honestly. Everyone’s unreasonable. That’s why good prefects are quitting. Good prefects who are far more better than me. I really feel like transferring too since there’s no more goodness left in LYS. How am i going to run investiture with so few prefects?! THIS IS AGITATING! =(!!! Oh Lord… Please help me..

~I’m dying. Everyday, i’m weakening. Life’s becoming more undesiring. Torturing. Oh someone charge me with adrenalin~


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