Harloe Bloggie!!! Been sometime that i’ve updat…

Harloe Bloggie!!!

Been sometime that i’ve updated you with my abcs! =D! Hmm…

Dad came back home this morning! (*** *** **** ** **** **’* ***** ***** * **********… ** **** ** ***? **’* *** **** ** ** **** *** ***, *** ** ** **** **** **’* ****** * **********??? =(… **** **** **** **** ** *** ** **** *** *** ***** & ***** ********** ** *** ***** ***** ********* ********?)

Kakat came back home last night!! Hehe.. She told me that she tried to bring in a box full of lychees, longans and mangoes however the sercurity stopped her (because it smelled??) and she had to give it ALL to them for FREE… Those hungry moronic morons… Those fruits were for me!!! =X… Fruits fruits glorious fruits! MuAhAhAha!!! She’s darker and skinnier… Whoa… I wanna go indonesia! =]

HurHurHur!! I’ve been throwing “Messages in the Bottle” into the sea! My cries for help and my cries of pain and distress and my cries for Peace and my cries for the day that Our Father in Heaven shall send us home and put an end to all this awful suffering! A little bit of happiness in it too! Hehe.. My messages together with JunHui’s into a plastic bottle or a jar filled with sand and a stick. Hehe.. Whenever we do so, it always begin to rain and both of us would watch the rain pour over an island across the sea. It’s totally awesome mann! Such a lovely ambiance definitely brightens up my day and makes me feel so.. Cool.. Relaxed.. Peaceful… Ahh… (^_^)


*~ “You’ll always be in our hearts” In The Memory of Evie, Wild Wild West ~*

='(.. EviE.. ='(!!! *HuGxX* CaNnot get to see your smiley cutie cutie face anymore.. Haix.. ='(!…



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