-[ "JiAo WaNg", "Ni Hen LuO SuO aH", "JiA HuO", "B…

-[ “JiAo WaNg”, “Ni Hen LuO SuO aH”, “JiA HuO”, “BeN DaN”… etc… —>HuA Ze Lei (ZhoU Yu MiNg)

Harloe BloggiE!

O.o… It’s been sometime that i updAteD u! Wanna know why? Coz i’ve been buSy watching Meteor Gardens (liu xing hua yuan)!!! I totally cried non-stop while watching that show… It’s just too romantic… Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai… I envy Shan Cai’s guts and determination… And Dao Ming Si’s extreme determintation and devotion to wOo Shan Cai no matter what… Haix… All the thick and thin they went through together… All that joy… All that happiness and sorrow… All the mushy mushyNess… *dReAmInG*iT’s juZ toO roManTic!!! *_*!!! (but i cannot forget that, it’s juZ a show. *HaIx*)

And Hua Ze Lei!!! ~(^_^)~!HE’S SO BLOODY SHUAI… Such a cutE Zai Zai… In the show he’s the most calm, cool and gentle… Plays the violin… Polite… Smart… Wealthy… (o.O)!!! If only there was such a person in this worlD… (too bad it’s juZ a show… i don’t think zhou yu ming is really like that) *HaIx*

Eh… I like the show ah… THE SHOW… THE CHARACTERS!!! Not F4… At first i thought they looked like a bunch of… long haired sissies… =X… Until WanTing JieJie introduced me that show… hehehe… (Thanks WanTing!)

I’m extremely grateful to WanTing for lending me the series! I’ve learnt quite a lot from it… (it especially improved my chinese) I’ve finished watching the whole series of Volume 1 but yet to complete Volume 1,2,3,4 of 2… I MUST WATCH VOLUME 4 OF 2… WanTing doesn’t have that particular CD… But luckily! Tricia’s gonna lend it to me tommorrow! hehe… muz watch muz watch!!! I’m so excited!


Sob.. Tommorrow, w3 is gonna have a farewell breakfast at Delifrance for Evie! JunHui suggested that we do something memorable… Bloggie… Wadx memorable?.. O.o… sobbie… although we may not see her often… she’ll always be in our hearts.. *takes tissue and wipes away tears* *blows nose* =]… I hope w3’s friendship doesn’t fall apart..


Oh yeah and one more thing bloggie! It’s the first time i’ve dona an auto part for choir! =]! I’m so glad that i’ve learnt a new part. I heard some of the violinst play Canon in D and it sounds really nice. I yearn to learn to play the violin one day.

And one more great thing! I can actually do a side-split (and a little centre and it HURTS…) and a handstand (but with Wan Ting jie and Wan Yu mei’s help! =P)!!! Hehehe… So happy… =]

And one last thing =P… I didn’t watch “Wishing Stairs” at all… We ended up spending more money, on taking neoprints and stickable ones! hahaha…

I’ll end here den… =]… A quote to state, “In life, there’s many tommorrows ahead of you”



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