-[ OMG… ThEy’re BAc foR uS!!! W3! RUN!!! ]- H…

-[ OMG… ThEy’re BAc foR uS!!! W3! RUN!!! ]-

Harloe BloGstA!

My my! I do have much to tell I tell u! (wo you suo ni suo wo suo ni mA? hehehe) Ok, I truly thought the holidays would bore my to death but it seems to be gettin’ Hippier by the days! oH yeAh!

*A hem, CleArs ThRoAt* Yesterday JunHui and I went to White Sands’s Mac to do our homework! (err, more like chit chattin’ “homework” hehehe! =X) We were seated at Mac’s 2nd level, in the center, left side, and corner. (Hard to explain!) Three guys from Green View sec entered the building and they sat above us. I watched from the side of eye, they trying to get hold of either JunHui’s attention or mine (my intuition tells me it’s JunHui =P) by waving their hands and making a hubbub… [i recognize those people! During normal school days, if I take bus 358, I would see the 3 of em] and when they left, the last person who went out of the glass door shouted, “Eric *(not sure about the name) likes u!” Obviously JunHui and I were stunned. Guess who’s the person they’re referring to? Don’t ask me of course but I’m sure that’s JunHui! =D!!!

Tricia came and we gave the lowdown! Hehehe… And we chit chatted all the way until 11 plus. One of us decided to take a walk and we ended up in the library. From there we met Zheng Xiong and to my greatest surprise I saw a guy I would have never wanted to meet.


Here’s the other story… On Nov. 14 JunHui, Evie and I made stress bags filled with flour and ended up having left overs. We had a game of truth and dare and I had to ask this guy for his tel. no. Wasn’t that appealing to me I shall say!!! There were 3 coral sec guys at the basketball court and I picked one. His 2 other friends obviously poked fun.


Well I met both of his friends but luckily not him. Or so I thought.

They were like “chasing” us all over white sands! And we bumped into them like mad cars for 16 times!!!! =|=|=| *nItEmArE* They seemed to be waiting for someone and that someone was the guy that I had asked for his tel. no!! (and erm, I don’t even know how they got my name…) So I approached them unaccompanied and they actually knew my name through JiaYi or Dylan? Not sure about WhAt were they talking about…

Den we left whitesands and the end… =X=X=X=X=X=X…

Well, g2g and watch “Wishing Stairs” with JunHui… and go bugis also! =P… byebye!



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