-[Star Wars! Al the espisodes MuZ watch! ]- Har…

-[Star Wars! Al the espisodes MuZ watch! ]-

Harloe Bloggie!

(o.O)!!! My love for Star Wars has returned! From a young age of 6, i’ve been watching Star Wars (the old version) as my father “introduced” the show to me! My brother and i often found it rather fascinating as the graphics were really cool! (although i didn’t understand the Star Wars thingy… ) Yesterday channel 5 showed Star Wars the Return of the Jedi and i couldn’t take my eyes off it! Now i’m having the Star Wars fever… hahaha!

My favorite characters are Luke Skywalker and Leah Skywalker! I love Luke’s aerobics and his really awesome powers! Leah’s really beautiful and a tough lady mann! I laughed like crazy when i saw the Ewoks the teddy bear-like indigenous race. They’re soO cute! =] hehehe

O.o i muz really thank the director, George Lucas, for the show mann! I rate it 1 million stars! =X

Well, i wanna watch my Star Wars attack of the clones on DVD now! Tata!



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