-[SianZation SenSaTiOn]- Harloe Bloggie! *Ac…

-[SianZation SenSaTiOn]-

Harloe Bloggie!

*AcHoOo*—*SnIfFs* Guess it’s those dustbunnies from my piles or worksheets, workbooks and deskbooks that got to my poor lil’ nose. hahaha… Yeah, it’s spring cleaning… Kinda early eh? But i feel rather happy after packing up my higgledy-piggledy house… O.O! Xedo slept on my bed this morning! Hehehe… Looks soooO adorable! So i couldn’t take it and i slept with him.. hahahaha]

Oh and the day before yesterday, drama had this thingy that i had to attend. I was quite fed-up at first as the bus driver was lost and we seemed to be going round in circles, around Singapore. Haha, but it was quite a tour for me.”Sincerly Anne Frank” based on a real life story of Anne Frank, one of the Jewish victims of Nazi persecution during the second world war.

After Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands in 1940, increasingly severe anti-Jewish measures began here as well. The Frank family tried to escape by going into hiding.

On July 1942, Otto Frank, Edith Frank-Hollander and their daughters Margot and Anne hid in this building on the Prinsengracht. They where later joined by Mr. and Mrs Daan, their sun Peter and Mr. Dussel. The building consists of two parts : a front house and a back anexe. Their Secret Anexe.

Otto Frank’s business was located in the front house. The uppermost floors of the back anexe became the hiding place. After more than two years the group was betrayed and deported.

Anne and Margot died of typhes in Bergen-Belsen in March 1945, only a few weeks before this concentration camp was liberated. Otto Frank, the only member of the group to survive, returned after the war.

During the hiding period Anne Frank kept a diary. In it she described daily life in the back anexe, the isolation and the fear of discovery. Anne’s diary survived the war: after the betrayal it was found by Miep Gies, one of the helpers.

When it was confirmed that Anne would not be returning, Miep gave the manuscripts to Otto Frank. In 1947 the first Dutch edition appeared. Since then the diary has been published in more then 55 languages.

(o.O)… OoPx… =D.. I think i typed too mucH… Harhar…


And yesterday, JunHui, Evie and I made stress bags for Mr Thiru (hard on the outside but soft on the inside, 6G’s GrEaTest’s form-teacher who taught us for 2 years and since then we’ve not forgotten him) the entire morning! We gave 2 stress bags to him. (one blue and the other grey)

Couldn’t get to give it personally to him though… Busy lar..Haix.. Therefore he sent down on of his pupils… And to our terriFying surpriZe… It was Edward… (evie’s brother… ) We were so worried he might be too clumsy and trip, after which fall, and burst the stress bags and ruin it and etc etc etc… =X! hehe…

Later on, we had an enjoyable experience of throwing flour at each other and all over the place and FlOuR marked our territory… hahahahahaha… We had a game of truth and dare (i have 1 on-hold dare…so does junhui.. lol) It’s so fun being with w3… Haix..

Well enough of the “HaIx”s and the “HAhaHA”s… g2g! Springcleaning ya noe… *SoBbIe*… tata


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